Power 5 Football Uniform Rankings: BIG 10

By Matt Valdez

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Most of the major football powerhouses in this conference have stylish and sleek jerseys, while the bottom half of the conference have so-so uniforms. None of the uniforms stick out as eye blinding or anything similar. Just an elite group of uniforms and a second tier.

Penn State jerseys are classic and easily recognizable in college football. They are simple with the blue and white color scheme and no helmet logo. I would compare them to being as iconic as the New York Yankees and even the Dallas Cowboys by being very simple but well-known jerseys. The Nittany Lions take No. 1 in my books.

This year Michigan returns to Nike. Michigan Uniforms will feature Nike’s Jumpman logo. Other than the new jersey sponsor the Wolverines jerseys will stay the same but I hope to see the white jersey with white pants combo again this season. Wolverines are No. 2.

Of course the Ohio State – Michigan rivalry went off the playing field and to the locker rooms. Ohio State had to one-up their rivals and sign a $252 million contract extension with Nike. Ohio State’s featured alternate jerseys, which were inspired by the Buckeyes early 1900s uniforms. One jersey combo I would love to see again this season would be the all black uniforms with the scarlet buckeyes on the helmets.  This is one list that you will see Ohio State behind Michigan, so I have them at No. 3.

Maryland since signing with Under Armour in 2011 have worn 25 different uniform combinations with many featuring the Maryland Flag on the helmets. My favorite jersey-pants combination would be the “White Ops” and I would hope to see those make a comeback this season. Another memorable uniform combination the Terps wore were the “Star-Spangled Banner” uniforms that they wore in 2014. I’m excited to see what the Terps have this year. Terps are No. 4.

Another school who hasn’t made much change to their logo or jerseys is Nebraska. The Cornhuskers will have a new alternate chrome jersey and they are fire. The jerseys will be worn September 24th against Northwestern. Cornhuskers are No. 5 on this list.

Next up is Michigan State. The Spartans received a new jersey design this past season and they brought in a new bronze and green color scheme. I definitely would hope to see this return this season. The Spartans jerseys aren’t as iconic as their basketball jerseys but the jerseys are average for college football. Sorry Sparty fans but you are No. 6.

This year Rutgers unveiled a secondary logo and it makes an appearance on the Scarlet Knights alternate black out jerseys. The Scarlet Knights uniforms moved to a more modern approach to match the sleekness and style of jerseys combinations across the nation. Scarlet Knights hold the No. 7 spot.

Wisconsin signed a deal with Under Armour over the offseason and there was no upgrade in the jersey at all. The Badgers jerseys might have actually taken a downgrade. So the Badgers are at the No. 8 spot on this list.

Mentionable Notes. Northwestern had some sick “Gothic” jerseys in 2015 and I hope they make an appearance in 2016. Iowa year in and out have some great jersey combinations especially because of their black and yellow color scheme. Purdue has a new look and the uniforms are a major upgrade for the boilermakers. Illinois and Indiana are mixed in the bottom four. Minnesota has a bland color scheme so I have them at the bottom of this list.






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