Power 5 Football Uniform Rankins: ACC

By Elijah Silas-Tafelsky

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  1. Miami – There is something special about the Hurricanes uniforms. The green and orange colors are classic and no matter if it’s the 1980s, early 2000s or 2016 Miami’s jerseys always impress. There white uniforms with the green helmet and green pants is one of my favorite jersey combinations. Oh yeah and the “U” logo that is half green and half orange on their helmets is also a plus. When I think of college football uniforms, Miami is one of the first teams that pops into my head because of how classic but stylish their uniforms are.
  2. North Carolina – The Tar Heels aren’t just a basketball school anymore. They made the ACC championship game last year, which was impressive. Even more impressive are their jersey’s, which I absolutely love. The powder blue uniforms are always on point. With a sweet white North Carolina logo and their powder blue helmets, the Tar Heels always are at the top when it comes to uniforms. One of my personal favorites is the powder blue jerseys with the black outlined names, numbers, and logo. It’s a nice touch and change from their regular uniforms.
  3. Florida State- To me, the Seminoles are in the same class as Miami when it comes to their uniforms. It’s a classic uniform. The Seminole spear logo on the helmet is nice and recently Florida State has gone with black and garnet on their helmets. I am a fan of the black and maroon uniforms as they incorporate the Seminole spear along with the tomahawk axe they have a cool pattern throughout their jersey.
  4. Louisville – There isn’t anything special about Louisville’s uniforms but I’ve always seemed to like them. The cardinal logo on the helmet is a plus. Adidas supplies the jerseys for Louisville and they have done a nice job upgrading them year by year. There red jersey’s stand out a lot on TV but not too much where they are unbearable. Their black uniforms with the logo, names and numbers outlined in red also give the team another nice uniform combination.
  5. NC State – First off the Wolfpack is one of the best nicknames in college football. The NC State logo is cool and recently the team has not just gone with their red uniforms, but they have been incorporating some slick black uniforms as well. They also are planning to wear camouflage uniforms on Nov. 21 vs Syracuse, which looks awesome.
  6. Pittsburgh – Pitt has some sneaky good uniforms. The gold and navy blue uniforms is a good look. They have a basic uniform but I feel that the colors mesh well and for me, that’s a big deal when it comes to rating uniforms.
  7. Virginia Tech – The maroon and orange is nice and I like the helmet they have which features white, orange and maroon. You wouldn’t think that Orange and maroon would mix well but they actually do. I am a big fan of the orange in the middle of the jersey and maroon should pads.
  8. Clemson- The Tigers may be the favorite to win the National Title, but their uniforms are not on the same level. I like their logo with the giant cat paw, but I am not a huge fan of their colors. The orange and purple don’t mix well to me and they haven’t made any changes lately to change my mind.
  9. Duke- A solid color scheme but nothing stands out about these jerseys’ other then there all white uniform, which is cool.
  10. Boston College – Classic uniforms, but nothing has changed with them and they seem somewhat bland nowadays.
  11. Wake Forest- The black and gold is a nice touch but I’ve never been intrigued with anything outside of that. Oh yeah, don’t get me started on their mascot.
  12. Georgia Tech- The gold they have for the uniforms is nice but what is there secondary color? White? Navy blue? You got to have a secondary color that stands out.
  13. Syracuse – There is not a lot that stands out to me about the jersey’s. The logo is boring and their jersey combinations don’t impress me.
  14. Virginia – Not much to see here other than a reversal of the Auburn Tiger uniforms.


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