Power 5 Football Uniform Rankings: PAC-12

By Kyle Dennie

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According to The Oregonian, there are (currently) 783,360 uniform combinations for the Oregon Ducks. The fact that they have so many isn’t what makes them cool, it’s the uniforms themselves that are, in my opinion, amazing. They have made a duck a cool thing. They’re stylish and it makes the team look mean. Sure, they have yet to break through and win a championship, but this is a uniform ranking context and the ducks take No. 1.

UCLA is a close second. They used to be plain and boring, but ever since Oregon starting wearing cool, unique uni’s, the Bruins have stepped up their game, possibly to not lose recruits to the Ducks. Each year, UCLA gets another cool uniform and I expect the trend to continue. I was a huge fan of the all black threads UCLA wore last year against Stanford.

Arizona State University, too, has taken a step away from the plain, original uniform game. I’m not saying there’s correlation, however, it seems like the Sun Devils have gotten better with their game-day choices. For example, I am all for enlarging logos on helmets and football fields. I think it looks good. ASU has dilated the pitchfork logo on their helmets while off centering it a little. I like the progression they’re making at No. 3.

At No. 4 on my list, Oregon State University is trying hard to keep up with their in-state rivals. Probably for recruitment reasons, too, the Beavers have attempted to modernize themselves and go with new football trends, and it’s helped them look better. They aren’t Oregon Duck cool just yet, but I expect them to keep trying to keep up with the Ducks. Till then, quack quack, but keep up the good work OSU.

The University of Washington’s chrome helmets and purple uni combination in the recent years have caught my attention, helping them snag the fifth spot in my list. Purple is my favorite color, and chrome helmets are just plain cool, so yeah, I have some bias towards them. The Huskies are on an upward trend towards getting the style they are looking for, and they aren’t too far from it. Keep your eyes open for anything new from Washington.

This point in the countdown is difficult because we’re starting to get into the mediocre teams. At No. 6, Arizona is still a standout PAC-12 team in regards of uniforms. They are starting to get the idea of modernizing their looks as well. The Wildcats have had their fair share of good looking helmets. They wore a chrome red helmet against UCLA last season that turned some heads, including mine. Arizona seems like they will progress more and more in the uniform world.

The University of California comes in at No. 7, and thus marks the start of the uniforms that rarely take your breath away, no offense whoever’s left. The Golden Bears aren’t terrible. I admit I like a few of their selections. For example, Cal had one that had a bear on the sleeve. If they made and wore more like that, they’d be higher on my list. They have too many “plain Jane” uni’s that I’m not a fan of.

The Utes of the University of Utah rank eighth on the list. They are like Cal. They have a few really good ones that make you wish they would wear some more like that. But they settle for plain ones and focus on the game itself instead of what they look like (HOW DARE THEY). The team itself is great, but the uniforms are too original and boring for me.

Washington State University, the University of Southern California, Stanford University and Colorado University complete the list at Nos. 9, 10, 11 and 12 respectively. These uniforms are too plain and original to say much about. Stanford and USC have both long been successful but they lack the style in the uniform department. It seems like all the teams have had the same uniforms for as long as I can remember And while that is OK to some, for others, it gets boring seeing them wear the same ones every time. Hopefully, they all will get the memo and start updating the equipment room in the near future, but look for them to wear the same ones in the next few years.

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