How Not to Be an NBA Role Model

By Calvin Alexander

What do I think of a player who finished last season with the 3rd highest technical fouls? Someone who is known more for kicking a player between the legs than winning a championship? Better yet missing game five of The Finals that cost your team a Larry O’Brien Trophy? Or getting arrested in your home state for punching/slapping a student-athlete who is currently enrolled at your alma-mater? At the end of all this, what do I call someone who also posts a dick-pic to Snapchat? NOT A ROLE MODEL, that’s for sure.

Draymond Green was called for 13 technical fouls and one flagrant foul in the regular season. 13 technical fouls is the 3rd highest among all NBA players last season. This team won 73 games, setting the record for the most all-time, having a player with this amount of technical fouls and getting the record for the most regular-season wins is very impressive, Steve Kerr should really be commended for this accomplishment. Although he did win coach of the year.

Then after the season was over the Warriors Clashed with the Thunder in the Western Conference Finals. Draymond Green already had four technical fouls coming into the Western Conference Finals. He gave himself a limit, saying he would only get five technical fouls in the playoffs. He knew he was getting his team in trouble, that he needed to keep himself in check.

In game three of the Western Conference Finals, Green Karate kicked Steven Adams below the belt. It was a move few had ever thought of, much less seen. This game was nationally broadcasted, friends from California to New York blew up my phone thinking Green would be ejected from the game. Fortunately for Green, he was not ejected and was left in game three. The Warriors ended up losing this game and most of the post game press conference was spent discussing this kick. This should have been a wake-up call to Draymond.

The Thunder went up in the series three games to one and in game five Green committed his fifth technical foul. He hit his self-imposed limit. Right here in this moment should have been the turning point for someone who carries himself as a leader and energy man for his team. This foul was a big one too, he fouled Kevin Durant in the act of shooting a three-pointer. This foul put KD at the line to shoot three free throws. Initially, a regular foul was called, then Green argued with the ref, throwing his hands in the air. The ref made it a technical foul.

As we all know the Warriors ended up winning The Western Conference Finals and The Warriors went up three to one on the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Finals. Then in Game 4 of The Finals Lebron James stepped over Draymond Green and Green threw his hands out as Lebron, almost like a punch. Not a classy move Mr. Green. The Warriors ended up losing Game 5 of The Finals and The Cavaliers gained the momentum in the series and won the championship. This was a historic comeback for the Cavs, maybe if Green was playing in Game 5, The Warriors would have closed it out and won back to back championships.

Let’s jump to the summer and the arrest, Draymond was arrested for punching or slapping a student athlete who was having a night out on his birthday. Jermaine Edmondson was out with his friends and family to celebrate his 23rd birthday. This is the night Draymond Green “assaulted” Mr. Edmondson. Green was ended up in jail that night, he spent four hours in jail before he sobered up and posted a $200 bond. As a role model, you are on no parents radar, Michigan State fans no longer view you as a golden alum since you got into a physical altercation with a fifth year senior on the football team.

Now, do you know how Snapchat works? Do you Mr. Green? You posted a picture of your basketballs on your Snapchat story where everyone who follows you could see. Then you tweeted out your account was hacked, later you deleted this tweet and said you hit the wrong button. Come on man, you’re playing on Team USA, representing this country, your country, and this happens?

In a role model, I look for someone who sets a good example in and out of the professional spotlight. Someone who is known for their hard work and good morals. If you’re looking for a role model I do not suggest Draymond, maybe just learn from his many mistakes.

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