This is Romo’s Year

By Calvin Alexander

Jerry Jones: Tony wake up, this is your last season, if you don’t take us to the playoffs I am trading you and your collarbone.

Tony Romo: Ok I’m up, just get me some help on defense.

Jerry: That’s not the way we do things, listen to me, you have Zeke and Dez, make it work.

Tony: So no defense?

Jerry: NO!


This is Romo’s season, to make it to the playoffs and win, he has a great offensive line, a dynamic running back, and a top five wide receiver in his arsenal.  As much of a cliche as it may be the sky is the limit for this Dallas Cowboys team.

If we just look at the 2014 season when Romo played 15 games, he had a career high in QBR at 83.6. Last year when Romo played just four games his QBR suffered but he was playing injured for a couple of those games.

In this year’s draft, The Cowboys picked Ezekial Elliot #4 overall and put the Cowboys in a win now scenario. The NFC East has been up for grabs the past couple of seasons, with The New York Giants, and Philadelphia Eagles hiring new coaches this past offseason, the only real contender for The Cowboys to win the division is The Washington Redskins.

Kirk Cousins and The Redskins made it to the playoffs but lost to The Packers last season. That game was close but it exposed the Redskins’ flaws. The Redskins last season lost at home to the Cowboys despite The Cowboys had Matt Cassel at quarterback on that famous Monday Night Football game. If you look back at that matchup, your confidence in The Cowboys should only rise. Matt Cassel led the Cowboys to the RedZone, the only touchdowns for either team was at the end of the 4th quarter. The whole game seemed like each team was trying to lose. If you look at the stats from that game, The Cowboys had 4 fumbles, and Cassel threw for less than 225 yards. Kirk Cousins threw one touchdown and 219 yards. This was a pitiful game for both teams, the only redeeming factor from the game was Dan Bailey, who made all four of his attempted field goals.

When you look back on this game against a division rival and then realize Dez Bryant, Ezekial Elliot, and Tony Romo were not playing and they still won. Well, The Redskins don’t look so menacing anymore. America’s team can easily win the NFC East this year.

Now here is the issue with this team, it lies with the defense. Besides Shaun Lee, Byron Jones, and this rookie draft class, I don’t know how this team can stop an offense. Teams will run all over the defensive line. Sean Lee and Jones will be worn out before the start of the second half and the rookies will need a while to get adjusted to the speed of the NFL.  Looks like it’s up to Romo and the offense to outscore their opponents to win.

When we go back to the 2014 season for Romo, if he can get back to that completion percentage, and throw for 34 touchdowns. Then the ‘boys will be playoff bound. This is Romo’s year to prove to everyone else that he is an elite quarterback, and maybe Jerry Jones will make a couple of trades that can help out the defense. So Cowboy fans put on your lucky jersey, fly the Cowboys flag from the porch, and hope and pray this team stays healthy.


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