Thank You Kevin

By: Walter Agnitsch

The year was 2007 and I had just found out that I was going to be transferring schools, which is what I really wanted because of how bad my old middle school was. It was the night of the draft lottery. Me and my brothers knew that the Sonics were coming to Oklahoma City, so naturally we really wanted the number one pick to draft Greg Oden out of Ohio State. Well the rest was history we did not get the number one pick, we got the number two pick. I remember my brother jumping up and down and I was like why? I mean we wanted Greg and now we won’t get him. My brother said we got someone better, we got Kevin Durant, we all knew Kevin very well because he played for Texas. I was a bit skeptical of his game, but boy did he prove me wrong.

Kevin all I can say is thank you, there isn’t one statistic that I am going to use to describe your legacy here in OKC because what you did for this community went way beyond anything that you did on the court.

Just speaking for what you did for my family, my family couldn’t agree on a lot but what we did agree on was that we all loved the Thunder. Those Friday night or Sunday afternoon games were some of the best family time we have ever got to spend together and helped us come closer as a family, and I know a million other families would agree with me.

Kevin, you stole the heart of OKC, you were the most beloved son. After the May 20th tornado not only did you donate a lot of money but you came out to support the ones in need. Last year you donated 50,000 dollars to Positive Tomorrows, a school for the homeless. Kevin, you brought OU and OSU fans together to cheer for one common team the Thunder.

Watching you play has been an absolute privilege and a joy. We watched you and Russ grow up into out of this world super stars. I remember seeing you guys take the soon to be champion LA Lakers to a tough six-game series, after that series I knew this team was going to be great. The best quote from the Nard-dawg from the office goes “I wish they would tell you that you’re in the good old days when your still in them.” Now that you have left I only wish I could have appreciated you more and less focused on the bad times.

I still am a firm believer that you are still coming back to the Thunder and the only reason you are doing this is to hurt the Warriors and have them get rid of Bogut, Barnes, and Festus. If by some crazy reason this is not the case and you are really gone Thank you again, Kevin, truly. It’s still hard to believe because even though we haven’t met I still feel like you’re a family member and it feels like a punch to the stomach to think we will never see the greatest duo in NBA history ever again. We will never forget all the great times thanks to you Kevin and wish you nothing but luck in your future endeavors.




All Thunder Fans

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