Is it time to trade Serge Ibaka?

By Walter Agnitsch:
It saddens me to think that there are only four players left on the Thunder roster that were on the team when it first moved here back in 2008, those being Nick Collison, Serge Ibaka, Kevin Durant, and Russell Westbrook. Now there are rumors that this list might go down to three. As reported by Marc J. Spears, Serge Ibaka the starting Thunder forward is on the trade block.


Is it time to part ways with Serge? You could tell this season under Billy’s new Thunder offense he struggled and could only find use shooting three pointers. Although he has improved his shooting ability he is still not a reliable three-point shooter. 

With Steven Adams turning into a star on the pick and roll’s, which is what Serge use to specialize in there’s no offensive use of Serge. His dribbling is also atrocious so when he does hit someone with a ball fake from the three he almost always gets stripped or travels. Now that just means his defense needs to make up for that. Its not, Serge is averaging less blocks a game and can’t seem to keep his darn feet on the floor. It either suggests that he is hiding an injury or is already losing his athletic ability.


Who could be a potential trade option for Serge? The first thought is the Boston Celtics they obviously have to trade some picks tonight because they can’t afford to keep everyone. With that pick the Thunder could draft Buddy Hield, the proven offensive lethal weapon from OU, Kris Dunn, another offensive machine from Providence, or maybe a Jamal Murray, a combo guard from Kentucky. 

Maybe the Thunder go out and try to get an already proven guard. I would imagine Mr. Presti has already contacted the Chicago Bulls for the services of Mr. Jimmy Butler. The Thunder would have to give up more for that trade to work though. You would have to include Cam Payne or even a Enes Kanter. I really doubt Sam would give up that much for him. 

This leads us back to possibly trading for a pick in the draft if Boston doesn’t want Serge, then Thunder could try to just get a lottery pick. The best NBA three point shooters have all been taken in the mid to late lottery picks. These would include Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, C.J. McCollum. Is there a pick in the draft that could turn into one of these players? I would say the closest would be Jaylon Brown from California. He reminds me a lot of Kawhi Leonard, like Kawhi needed Jaylon also needs a little help developing his three point shot, but has the potential to be an all-star player with his physical gifts.
Either way Serge has been a terrific player for this team and we will truly miss him. Coming into tonight the Thunder fans had really not much to look forward to because we don’t have a pick in the draft. This has certainly spiced up our night with excitement and eagerness.

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