If Oklahoma Sports Teams Were Marvel Characters.

By: Walter Agnitsch and Calvin Alexander

Oklahoma City Thunder- Captain America

This choice was obvious, the Thunder arrived and united the state, much like Captain America united and lead the Avengers. Captain America started out as wimpy Steve Rogers, but thanks to Dr. Abraham Erskine he was transformed into Captain America. The Thunder was a horrible team in Seattle, but thanks to Sam Presti, it was turned into a powerhouse NBA team. Captain America always stands for what is right and just. This reminds us of all the charity work that Kevin, Russell, and the entire Thunder organization have done. However, in every movie the Captain is never the one to kill the final bad guy. The Thunder is similar in this way because they are never able to eliminate the last team and complete their mission of winning an  NBA championship.


Oklahoma Sooners (football)- Iron Man

The first reason we chose this for OU is that Iron Man has a sense of arrogance much like OU fans. OU has been in title talks for almost every year since they won the title thanks to the Sooner Magic of Coach Josh Heupel. This is starting to get to the fans that they are going to be great every year which they are pretty good every year anyway so It’s understandable. Iron Man has made some pretty big mistakes lately in some big moments with the creation of Ultron and not trusting Captain America. OU has also had some big mistakes in some big moments with the loss to LSU, Florida, Clemson, and the embarrassment to USC. Nevertheless, Iron Man is a powerhouse superhero and OU is a powerhouse team in the state of Oklahoma.


Oklahoma State Cowboys (football) – The Incredible Hulk

The OSU Cowboys are the only cowboys that are doing much of anything respectable for sports fans in Oklahoma and Texas. However, the Cowboys like most teams in Oklahoma have on and off years. Notice, the Incredible Hulk was not in Civil War for some reason he was just taking a break, meditating somewhere. When The Incredible Hulk is in his “on” years, he goes 0-100 real quick and shows OU that they still deserve to be considered a threat during the regular season. The Cowboys seem to always accustom to a pattern of getting so hot and heavy to the point that they cannot sustain their momentum. They subsequently crash and burn, thus having to recuperate like the big green guy.


Oklahoma City Dodgers- Spider-Man

The main reason this decision was made is because the Dodgers have brought baseball back to the state averaging over 4,000 people a game. Marvel has brought Spider-Man back from Sony almost ruining him. Spider-Man is back just like baseball is back. In the last movie Civil War, Spider-Man is only a kid, and the Dodgers are a brand new team. Both Spider-Man and the Dodgers are full of potential and have a lot room to grow in their respective comic universes. We are excited to see how they develop in coming years.


Energy FC- Thor

Thor is the handsome brother of Loki who everyone loves, except well, Loki. The Energy is the best soccer team in town and everyone loves them except their jealous brother the Rayo. Thor one day will be the king of Asgard, as the Energy will one day be in the MLS. Thor is the god of Lightning and Thunder, our two favorite things in the state-The Thunder and the Energy.


OKC- Loki

There are several reasons why this is a perfect choice. First, The Energy is Thor. Second, is Rayo needs to realize that it has lost the battle to the Energy for the fans of Oklahoma City. Loki will never be king and he just needs to realize it. Rayo . . . take the hint. Loki has powers that are arguably better than Thor’s, and Rayo is better than the Energy simply because they are in a better division. Even with Loki’s greater power, he lost to his well-mannered brother due to Thor’s friends’ loyalty (Cue the fans). Loki also went to a faraway place to enhance his power, as the Rayo has migrated to Yukon in an attempt to enhance its fan base.




UCO- The Vision

This one was pretty easy and had nothing to do with the fact that I am a proud alumni of this university. The Vision seems to be invincible, just like UCO, they can’t be stopped. The Vision can walk through walls and is the smartest form of intelligence on the planet, just like UCO. The Vision is a fairly recent character in the movies, the same can be said for UCO being the new kid on the block compared to OU and OSU. The vision would beat anyone in a fight, UCO could beat anyone of the teams above in a fight. Roll Chos!

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