Can We Just Watch 4 More Games of the Western Conference Finals…

On tonight’s episode of Sportscenter “This is the worst post season we have ever had,” Scott Van Pelt said. The combined margin of victory in the first three games of the finals is 78 points.

The Cavaliers won tonight at home, by 30. J.R. Smith had a career night, LeBron stuffed Steph at the rim and made his presence felt the entire night. But it was another one-sided victory, this time for the Cavs.

The way I remember the Western Conference Finals was a bunch of back and forth games where the Warriors and Thunder were within 10 points of each other. Maybe games three and four were not that close, but in the other five games each team was in it until the two-minute mark in the fourth quarter.

The Thunder won game one in such a storybook fashion, coming from behind to win the game when it was in Oakland. Golden State won game two and the series was tied up headed into game three in Oklahoma City.

We know how the rest of the series went, Oklahoma City won the next two at home to go up 3-1, then the two-time reigning  MVP and Klay Thompson shot the lights out of the building and won the series.

Wouldn’t you rather go back to that? A close fought series between two teams with the superstar players playing at the best of their ability.

In the Finals Steph Curry who made 400+ three-pointers in the regular season has 48 points in the first three games. Star players are missing time in the playoffs and the games are not close, much less competitive.

I would rather see Steph, Klay, Russ, and KD play four more games with a few more rebound clashes between The Big Kiwi and Draymond Green. So why not just have the Thunder and Warriors play four more games that are at least competitive.


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