How can I sum this up

By Calvin Alexander

Tonight in Oracle Arena, The Warriors beat The Thunder to advance to the NBA Finals. Wow, I didn’t see this coming.

I didn’t think we would beat the Spurs at all, especially in six games, I didn’t think we would win game 1 against the Warriors, and I didn’t think we would be up 3-1 against the best regular season team in NBA history.

I also didn’t think the Warriors would win 3 straight games to advance to the finals. I remember on Saturday night in game 6 having flashbacks to the last series against the Spurs. We were up by 10 throughout the game but this time the role players didn’t step up and Kevin Durant was off. Like really off, it was just a weird night for him. I cannot remember watching Durant play a game like that before, where he makes poor decisions down the stretch to the point that he goes 10-31 on the night. Then after the game I looked at the box score and saw that Westbrook was 10-27, and we still were in the game the whole night.

The loss in game six was hard to get over, players who had stepped up in the previous series were absent in game six. Dion Waiters played 30+ minutes but scored just three points on the night. Andre Roberson fouled out and was in foul trouble the whole 4th quarter. The game had a weird narrative, in retrospect how were we winning through three-quarters.

I had to forget about game 6 and look ahead to game 7 just like the players. Tonight’s game came up and through the first three-quarters we were in it, just playing chippy Thunder basketball. Durant was having a great game, we were making some mistakes but still we were in this game. Then the 4th quarter came and the Warriors ran away with the game in the final three minutes. Such a crushing defeat.

Do I think KD will resign, yes but we will go into that later on before free agency begins. The Thunder season is over much sooner than I would like but this team has made it to the Western Conference Finals the past four out of six seasons. This team grew a lot in the playoffs. Steven Adams is just 22 years old, Roberson and Waiters are key role players on a team with two superstars. The Warriors shot an unbelievable percentage from downtown this series.

With the same nucleus probable to come back next year, we just need a veteran to take a discount to play for the Thunder, so we can have a better chance at winning the Finals next year. Learn from your mistakes, that’s what we HAVE to do.

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