All Aboard The Westbrook Express, Next Stop The NBA Finals

By Walter Agnitsch
The Oklahoma City Thunder took game 4 in convincing fashion last night at Chesapeake Energy Arena to the tune of 118-94. Michael Wilbon said it best, “The Warriors got obliterated tonight.” This game was all about the runs each team made.
 In the first quarter, the Thunder went up by 13. The Warriors were able to match that run and tie the game. Much like in games one and two when the Warriors went on a run to end the half, the Thunder have switched that to having themselves go on big runs to end the half in game three and tonight. Going into the locker room for halftime they had a 72-53 lead.
The Warriors didn’t let the Thunder completely blow them out in the third quarter like what happened in game three. Klay Thompson single-handedly brought them back, scoring 19 points in the third quarter alone. Foul issues plagued him late in the third and forced coach Kerr to take him out of the game.
 Still the Warriors were able to cut into the Thunder lead and by the start of the 4th quarter and were only down by 12. This is when Russel Westbrook turned on the jets and decided to end the game, he really moved the ball in the 4th and put in the dagger three with just over three minutes left in the game.
 Russell Westbrook ended up with 36 points, 11 assists, and 11 rebounds. On the other side of the matchup Steph Curry only had 19 points and just looked tired all night from having to guard Russ.
Kevin Durant had a great night himself with 26 points and 11 rebounds. If it wasn’t for Russ getting a triple double I would give the player of the game to Andre Roberson. He gave us 17 rebounds and 12 rebounds. Coach Donovan is using Roberson a lot as the pick man on the offense and it is working, he is getting easy layups or completely wide open shots.
The Thunder also forced the Warriors to 21 turnovers and out rebounded them by 24. Numbers like that and you will be very happy with the game result if you’re a Thunder fan.
Now the NBA decided to not suspend Draymond Green, which helped the Thunder because again he was awful last night. The first play of the game he hacked Steven Adams on his bad hand. At this point something has to be done, he is taking cheap shots at Adams anytime he can, he even tripped Enes Kanter last night. Nevertheless, the NBA doesn’t have the guts to suspend Green, expect him on the court Thursday night for game 5 in Oracle Arena.

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