The Best Arena In The NBA.

By: Walter Agnitsch

As I was watching game one of the Western Conference Finals with fellow editor Calvin Alexander. We were discussing whether Oracle Arena was in fact the loudest NBA arena. Now Calvin and I agreed that we think the Thunder have the loudest arena in the NBA, Golden State did come up with a pretty cool idea for their fans for game one. For those who missed the game or just did not pay attention to the fans they all had wristbands and were all coordinated to light up at the same time. For the first half it was working you could tell the fans were throwing up their hands as high as they could after every basket, and loving every minute of it.  Now Russell Westbrook made it his personal mission in the second half to keep those things from lighting up and boy did he do one heck of a job doing that. It makes you wonder will the Thunder come up with something new as well and try to top Oracle Arena?

Back in the day if you wanted to get the crowd hyped up for the big game you would give them a t-shirt. In today’s game that just doesn’t cut it anymore. The Thunder are part to blame, every home playoff game they give out t-shirt’s, the fans are expecting it now and not being surprised by it like they use to be. It’s up for debate when it was the loudest ever in Chesapeake Energy Arena, but for me it was a tie between game three of the first round of 2010 NBA playoffs against the LA Lakers and game one of the 2012 NBA finals against the Miami Heat. The Thunder fans are the best fans in the NBA and it’s up to the Thunder to give them something extra tomorrow to put them over the top. Something that can make the fans feel that they are more involved in the game. Whatever they do the Thunder fans will be ready for it and the crucial game 3 tomorrow night.

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