Kevin Durant. Russell Westbrook. Thunder Win

By: Sam Agnitsch
What else can you really say after that one? In what felt more like a Michael bay movie than a basketball game, the thunder overcame the magic 117-114 on a last second Kevin durant 3. On a night that featured technicals, Victor Oladipo and durant dueling for 37 a piece and a game-winning three, it was Russell Westbrook that stole the show. Totaling 15 points, 8 rebounds and 11 assists…at halftime. Russ finished with a ludicrous 24 points, 19 rebounds (career high) and 14 assists. Included in that were two pivotal 4th quarter offensive rebounds and the game-tying layup with 29 seconds left. Joining the party was Serge Ibaka with 9 points and 7 rebounds but contributed a key 6 blocks, the last being on Oladipo preserving the tie with 10 seconds left. It provided the opportunity for Kevin to do, well, what Kevin does. Durant pulled up for a three and with 0.5 seconds left sent Orlando packing. Breaking magic fans’ hearts once again. A worthy sequel to the October double overtime classic.
Postgame durant deferred attention to Westbrook, “he was our MVP tonight”. And one the game winner, “my teammates trust me in that situation” adding, “its the most carefree time of the game for me”.
The thunder continue to win heading into the mega-clash at golden state, winning 12 of the last 13 games. It’ll be the most anticipated game so far this season and the most telling.
The extra curriculars
– Russell Westbrook had his triple double in 22 minutes, that with 9 minutes left to go in the 3rd quarter. And it wasn’t even his fastest triple-double. Take a moment to digest that.
-now take another moment to absorb that was his 3rd triple-double in a row and his 9th career triple double…..achieved before the 4th quarter even starts.
– Victor Oladipo torched us. Seems like a common theme when we play the magic.
-Scott Skiles is a good coach but between his inconsistent rotations and hard line on young players I’m not sure about the fit.
-I’m not sure what the magic are doing with Aaron Gordon and I’m pretty sure they don’t either
-really impressive how Donovan’s been able to reach his players, especially Westbrook. Seems like he has everyone completely bought into his style.
-no real line of the night from Brian Davis. He did however completely bomb on a Harold and Kumar joke, not even a sympathy laugh from Grant Long.
Up next: Saturday, 8pm at golden state

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